Fun Ride: Pedal Hard Spring Fling

Howdy folks!

Thought you might like to know about the Pedal Hard Spring Fling next Saturday March 8 out at Driveway Austin. The Spring Fling is a non-competitive fun ride on the Driveway Austin car race track. Two options to chose from, the 3 Hour Endure category ($30) and Power Hour category ($20). Come on out and ride as many laps as you want in the specified duration. Neutral aid station available every lap!

Come on out and set an average speed PR with your friends or just ride for fun!

Driveway Austin is a Le Mans style automobile facility used for testing and driver training. Located in East Austin between the Colorado River and Walnut creek, the facility has some of the smoothest asphalt you’ll ever encounter. Plus, it’s Car Free while we’re out riding bikes on it!

Stick around afterwards, have a cold beer, some food, and watch some bike racing. The Kenny Hill Autowerks Spring Classic races start up after the ride. It’s a day of bikes and fun out at Driveway Austin!

2014 Pace Bend Road Race Cat 4

2014 Pace Bend Road Race Cat 4

32nd place.

Peak 5s (791 watts)
Peak 1min (349 watts)
Peak 5min (210 watts)
Peak 20min (180 watts)
Peak 60min (171 watts)

This was a fun race, I lost a number of chances towards the end to move forward and looking back at the video I probably could have made top 20 or better. I had plenty of “fuel” left at the end and was almost sad it was over, I definitely should have spent some time up front at the end of the race.

2014 Tour of New Braunfels Videos

I raced both the omloop cat 4 and 4/5a race on Saturday, February 01, 2014.

Several crashes took place in almost every race.  Fortunately for me I wasn’t part of any crashes this day. Day 2 and the reason why I haven’t posted a video for the ToNB road race, I crashed 2 miles in. It was 35 degrees and raining, it was a bad day for everyone.
In the cat 4 video below you’ll see towards the end a vehicle blocking off part of the road to make room for a rider that was about to get airlifted out wasn’t but a few places behind me.  One of the biggest reasons to stay near the front of the pack in a race is to avoid crashing, another reason is simply that if you stay near the front you’ll finish near the front.  I had a few chances to get to the front throughout the race but I pretty much pigeonholed myself in mid pack.



Racing, like anything in life comes with some danger.  But it's a ton of fun, and you can do a lot to keep yourself from getting injured.

As you’ll see in the videos I wasn’t trying to win any of these or even push for the win, I haven’t raced in almost a year and wanted to get a feel for it again before I really started to push for a podium spot.

My Benefit Ride, Tour du Rouge

Hello! We are both going to be riding in the Tour Du Rouge this year.  Dawn rode last year (May 2013) and Darrell volunteered for the crew and was assigned to the “sign crew”

Darrell and Steve on Sign Duty on the Tour Du Rouge

Darrell and Steve on Sign Duty on the Tour Du Rouge


So, once again, we are in the midst of Fundraising for the American Red Cross!  As of today. we are 73% completed with this task.  If you are looking for a great cause to donate to and could use a tax deduction, might I suggest a Donation to our cause.