Driveway Series Spring Classic Cat 4/5 19th place finish.


Came in 19th place in the first race kicking off the series, I was in a solo breakaway in the 2nd to last lap and made it halfway into the last lap that way… they finally caught me at the last major turn before the finish. If I waited about 2 minutes longer before I started that little sprint, I could have held that to the end, I actually didn’t feel all to strained by that effort too bad I was in a bad position to lose out on a sprint to the finish. From what my wife was telling me while watching the race I had a good 10-15 seconds lead for somewhere around a whole a lap and a half, she said “You looked like you were in your own league”. So next time I’ll just wait until I can estimate the last 6-7 minutes of the race, and go all out because I can definitely hold my own now compared to previous years, my goal is cat 3 and damn if I don’t get it this year.

Peak 01:00 min 383 W
Peak 05:00 min 307 W
Peak 10:00 min 276 W
Peak 20:00 min 246 W

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