Hotter’n’Hell Hundred 2014 Start line raw video

So this was our first year riding in the hotter’n’hell hundred and it was the one “hell” of an experience.   I had heard that over the last few years, there has been 12-14 THOUSAND participants in Saturdays activities.  Now it’s pretty difficult to really understand the magnitude of the volume of people that is on a bicycle.

I have found a raw video on youtube of the start of the ride.  The group that I started with, got there 1hr30min before the start and were parallel with that big blow up guy.

It’s set this video to start at the 30 min mark, as that is just before the starting cannon goes off and we begin to roll.  The video continues to go on and on and on.  The last 5 mins is when the massive mob of riders is gone and they do a quick radio broadcast about the start.

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